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EXTEND CENTER was opened on January 28, 2020 on the premises of MRSU and operates according to the adopted regulations. The strategic goal of the EXTEND CENTER is to improve the quality of engineering education.


  • Curriculum Design and Development (EXTEND-06)
    Focuses on processes to take into account in order to plan, develop and deliver a curriculum (learning outcomes and competences, activities, content, resourses, assessment, etc.)
  • Project Based Learning – PBL (EXTEND-01)
    Focuses on why and how to implement PBL in engineering programs considering different approaches and contexts (interdisciplinary, cooperation with industry, etc.)
  • Active Learning Strategies (EXTEND-05)
    Focuses on why and how to implement different active learning strategies to improve teaching practice (Team Based Learning (TBL)+ Flipped Learning + Gamification)

Facilities and Services available

Educational activities focused on development and implementation of training courses for PhD students in Engineering, life-long learning of university teachers in Engineering and related studies, consulting based on best European practices, building electronic database of media resources and development of digital learning environment in the relevant field;

Research activities on development of methodology to enhance teaching engineering disciplines, tools and methods, improvement of quality of engineering education meeting the requirements of various groups of stakeholders; development and implementation of research projects in engineering education in collaboration with Russian and international partners;

Promotion of the University image in quality of engineering education and development of partnerships with scientific and educational institutions;

Hosting conferences, meetings, seminars, round tables and other events on the issues of engineering education.



Tatyana Glukhova

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor of Quality Management Chair. Author of more than 100 publications, Author of more than 100 publications, including articles, monographs, study aids, manuals, courseware, etc.

Research domains: Modern Information Technology Solutions in Economics and Management, Means and Methods of Quality Management.

Courses delivered: Means and Methods of Quality Management, Statistical Methods in Quality Management, Process Management.



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EXTEND CENTER is a unit of MRSU and located at Republic of Mordovia, Saransk, Polezhaev Str., building 44, rooms 412, 420.

The center is equipped with JALINGA STUDIO software and hardware designed to develop courses using new technologies for online and digital education (host webinars, shoot interactive educational videos / vlogs for on-line courses, etc.).



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