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Pre-piloting meeting in Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow 27-30th of November 2019

Between 27th  and 30th of November 2019 EXTEND pre-piloting meeting was held hosted by Bauman Moscow State Technical University.  26 delegates from Riga Technical University, University of Minho, Bauman Moscow State Technical University, Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Magnitogorsk State Technical University, Tajik National University, Tajik Technological University, Kulob State University, Khudjand State Technical University participated in the meeting.


The Opening speech was given by the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University – Professor Yuri Tsvetkov. After that, Natalia Vatolkina from Bauman Moscow State Technical University made presentation with general overview of the project objectives and WP tasks for the period November 2019 – June 2020. Karlis Valtins from Riga Technical University led discussion of the pending tasks and piloting arrangements. Each partner reported on the status of EXTEND Center, equipment delivery, course development and piloting arrangements. Some of the modules were developed by university teams according to the plan set up in Guimaraes, some of the modules were developed by one university with the intention to be offered to other universities. One of the modules – Research-based learning was developed by two universities (BMSTU and KSU) independently because of the different needs and it was decided to split the module in two different modules. There are 4 EXTEND Centers established and officially launched in all 4 partner universities from Tajikistan. Russian partners almost ready to open the centers but some administrative issues are missing.

Afternoon session 14:30 – 15:30 started with the short presentation of Natalia Vatolkina who gave short overview of the sustainability plan draft and possible business models that could be used for the project outcomes. After presentation small groups were formed and during 30 minutes they discussed the EXTEND Centers functions, project outcomes to be sustained and tools that should be used for sustainability assurance. Every group presented its ideas.

Afternoon session 16:00 – 18:00 was led by Stefan Shvedov from MGSU and Elena Smirnova from BMSTU to discuss the project web-site status.


During the day project members participated in the International Forum “IT in Engineering Education: new trends and implementation experience” (http://itee.bmstu.ru) . It allowed to disseminate and discuss the results of the project, learn from the international experts and other projects that could be used in course development and delivery. There were over 400 participants from 9 countries and 36 Russian universities. Proceeding of the Forum was published.

Rui Lima from University of Minho presented as a key speaker during plenary session with the presentation “Project based Learning approaches in interaction with companies” where he gave the overview of the EXTEND project goals and working packages. After plenary session EXTEND meeting delegates participated in the ITEE round table «International integration in the field of digital engineering education» chaired by Director of National Erasmus + Office professor Olga Oleynikova. During Round table Natalia Zerkina from NMSTU made presentation about EXTEND project.


During the day the main activities were dedicated to the courses development session when partner country universities presented the modules developed and EU partners organized consulting sessions with each PC university team. Karlis Valtins from RTU, Rui Lima and Diana Mesquita evaluated progress and content of courses. During planning session MOOC development plan was discussed and basic plan was outlined. Decisions were made on quality assurance, Warwick meeting and Kulob meeting in May.


Individual consultations for course development teams by EU partners were held.