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Tajik National University – TNU


Today Tajik National University, one of the big  University in the country, has 21990 students from which 16889   are Bachelor students, 358 Master students, 4733 study on the correspondence department, aiming to receive the academic bachelor, master degrees and specialist according to 98 specialties.

The total number of professor-teachers TNU comprises 1248, among them: Academicians of Academy of science of RT-8; Corresponding members of the AS RT -10; Doctors of science, professors-168; Candidates of science, docents – 528; Senior teachers   – 121; Assistants – 413.

The University has signed cooperation agreements with more than 177 foreign Universities and Institutes. The University is a member of more than 10 international associations, such as Eurasian Association of Universities, University of Chinghai Cooperation Organization, University of CIS countries, etc.

Presently, at the university are functioning 19 faculties, 107 specialized and 7 general university  departments, a scientific –research  institute , a lyceum with natural science and mathematics direction, a scientific and E-library, 112 scientific-research  and academic laboratories, 10 internet centers, 52 computerized classrooms, 39  language studies, biotechnological centre, technological park, Confucius  cultural centre, foundation department, 11  dissertational councils  which provide the training of scientific and qualified pedagogic staffs for the Republic of Tajikistan and foreign countries

Role in project

TNU acts as lead partner for Tajikistan by being head of the Tajikistan Steering Group. TNU participates in the Start Off meeting and contributes to all the discussion and planning and QA procedures and QA training at this meeting.

TNU leads development of on-line platform for the TJK partners, coordinates it’s ongoing population during and after life-time of the project. TNU participates in all work packages: WP 1 (all activities, preparation and presentation of TJK part of the report on the European experience in teaching engineering disciplines and teacher enhancement), WP 2 (establish EXTEND centre and lead the development of documentation for TJK partners), WP 3 (all activities, TNU will lead the development of course book for TJK partners, offer editorial and publishing services, TNU hosts the seminar and national project conference month 7/19). WP 4 (Quality Plan) and WP 6 (Management).

TNU has responsibility for providing support to the project management team to ensure quality of both process and product and for developing guidelines for use during the project and beyond completion for valorizing the project.

Aslitdinova А.

Coordinator Aslitdinova А. Supervise and manage ongoing projects related to innovations and social sciences- Erasmus+ programs. Development and organization of social research, teaching student’s access to information, of management, organizing joint study and research tasks, curriculum development and courses module. Communication with EXTEND partners, planning and implementation of European experience.

Team members: 
Imomzoda M.

Rector Imomzoda M. Lead TNU International projects unit – organizing participation in academic, cooperation, and mobility and research projects. General Management.

Odinaeva S.

Odinaeva S. is ExCenter responsible person.  Planning and developing training sessions for engineering students, ExCenter management tools, executing of all events. The development of comprehensive model and descriptor of the competences of the university teacher of engineering disciplines.

Gafarov F.

Gafarov F. working as Center planning actions, trainer, planning and developing training programs for engineering teachers, curriculum development and innovation; active learning strategies; coaching for teachers.  Planning and developing training sessions for engineering students. The development of training program for PhD students and teachers in teaching engineering disciplines.

Sharifi D.

Sharifi D. document specialist, trainer. Active learning strategies; coaching for teachers. To study of best European practices in teaching engineering disciplines and teacher competence enhancement. Expertise in Curriculum Innovation in Higher Education, need for adaption of EU experience to local conditions and produce new ideas and contemplate changes that are driven by industrial requirements.