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Piloting of EXTEND training courses for teachers in Bauman Moscow State Technical University

On 25th and 26th of February 2020 two EXTEND training courses for teachers were piloted in BMSTU: “E-learning and ICT tools” and “Project Based Learning”. Each course worth 1 ECTS or 25 academic hours including face-to-face lectures and independent work of trainees. Both courses were included as a variable modules in the 3ECTS regular teacher training course of the BMSTU and after EXTEND project lifetime will be supported by BMSTU infrastructure and funds.

E-learning and ICT tools” was developed by Yuri Tsvetkov, Mikhail Konstantinov, Konstantin Mozgovoy. It was piloted face-to-face with 46 participants. Three major themes were covered: Topic 1. Design principles and quality standards for e-learning courses; Topic 2. Work planning and stages of creating an e-learning course; Topic 3. Organization of work with electronic resources in the learning process. First reflections: 1.Information about e-learning technologies and ICT tools which is easy to understand 2.Up-to-date contents 3.Useful for everyday practice. Participant would prefer to have teacher training on-line and they ask for more practical training.

“Project based learning” was developed by Irina Ivanova, Boris Skuibin, Maksim Ryabokon, Grigoriy Shetinin. It was piloted face-to-face with 39 participants. The course covers the following topics: the essence of students ' project activity in a modern University; opportunities, prospects and advantages of using the project method in the educational process; mechanisms for involving students and teachers in project activities, institutional mechanisms for implementing project-based learning in higher education organizations, specific examples of the organization of project activities in Russian universities.

First reflections:

  1. Important for everyday teaching practice;
  2. Good examples included in the course; 
  3. Optimal combination of text, verbal and graphic material during classes; 
  4. High competence of lectures;
  5. Opportunity to involve students in the project and research work;
  6. The course delivery is of high quality.

At the same time participants asked for more practical examples and pointed out that different parts of the course should be more connected with each other.

Prof. Yuri Tsvetkov is presenting his topic “Design of digital study courses”
Course attendees
Course attendees