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Research Based Learning – RBL (EXTEND-04) - PhD Students

Focuses on the art and skills of research methodologies by conducting research in teaching.  The course provides a board overview of the essential process of research. 

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Sidykov Vosit  
Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department of "Electronics", Faculty of Physics and Technology


  1. Vakhobov Abduvahob
    Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor of the Department ofEconomics and Management, Faculty of Economics.
  2. Kadyrov Abdulakhat
    Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Electronics, Physics and Technology Faculty.
  3. Karimov Timur
    project coordinator, employee of the international department of the university.
  4. Istamkulov Jamshed
    project manager, employee of the international department of the university.
  5. Shokirova Ibodat
    Senior Lecturer, Department of Electronics, Physics and Technology Faculty.



The center is located in the 1st building of the university, 4th floor of the Faculty of Physics and Technology, room 435. Address: 26 microdistrict, KSU building 1.
The center is equipped with modern technology, competitive software and hardware designed to develop courses using new technologies for online and digital education (host webinars, shoot interactive educational videos / vlogs for on-line courses, etc.).


  • promoting the ideas and mission of the ERASMUS + EXTEND project in the space of the Sughd region, the Republic of Tajikistan.
  • organization and conduct of all types of training for undergraduates, graduate students and PhD-doctors, according to the curriculum of the course "Education based on research" and other classes in existing engineering disciplines at the faculty.
  • provision of scientific, technical and methodological assistance to undergraduates, postgraduates, doctoral candidates and all those who are engaged in scientific research, regardless of their specialties.
  • organization and holding of regional, international seminars and conferences on the most pressing problems of engineering education and science, information technology and new teaching methods based on research.
  • development and implementation of new innovative training courses in technical, social and humanitarian areas of science and the search for mechanisms for joint scientific research with partner universities in Russia, Romania, Portugal, Latvia and England.
  • search and finding new partners for joint writing of projects and participation in ERASMUS + programs and other grant proposals of other international organizations and foundations in order to maintain the sustainability of the project.


In addition to the “Sustainability Plan of the KSU EXTEND Center” the following issues have been assured to sustain and gain a competitive advantage:

  • Separate classroom was given at the faculty of Physics for EXTEND CENTER – availability;
  • A person has been assigned by the administration for the Center – accessibility;
  • A member of Project from our University Prof. Sidiqov Abduvosid has been assigned to head the Center and provide trainings there – transferability,  responsibility and loyalty;
  • All of the laboratory work and related individual work have been planned to be hold there – usability and popularity;
  • Articles, papers, recourses have been collected and offered their students – accessibility and dismantlability, documentability;
  • The needed condition for online conferences and workshops related to the project have been established at the center – usability, internationalizationability;
  • Equipment purchased by the project have been registered as a university inventory and the maintenance of them will be done by the university – durability.
  • Inter –institutional Agreements of EXTEND CENTERS have been signed between partners – collaboration, cooperation

KSU translated documents

Research Based Learning – RBL- Course Syllabus - English

Research Based Learning -RBL – Course Syllabus - Russian

Research Based Learning – RBL – short course description - Russian

Research Based Learning – RBL – Training and Methodological Complex - Russian 

Research Based Learning – RBL – short course description - Tajik