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Nadezda Miloradova, PhD


Alexander Ishkov PhD,
Zinaida Ivanova PhD,
Mikhail Leontev, PhD


Yaroslavskoe shosse, 26, room 519; Moscow


EXTEND Centre consolidates the world's best practice in teaching and learning engineering disciplines. EXTEND Centre is an open information system that uses modern technologies with a powerful search, evaluation, and information structuring as the basis for its content and functioning. All employees and students of the University have the opportunity to post materials about innovations and best practices.

Main goal:  solve strategic, tactical and operational tasks that are important for the development of engineering education.

Teachers of technical disciplines can study the modules of the comprehensive educational program taking into account their individual capabilities and personal priorities, learning different methods and forms of training, studying the experience of their colleagues.

EXTEND Centre organizes and conducts various trainings, master classes, courses, lectures. During your studies, you find yourself in an atmosphere of active scientific and pedagogical search. All classes are held using interactive learning technologies. You will get acquainted with the latest achievements in the field of engineering pedagogy, learn new methods of conducting classroom studies and project activities, and get skills in self-presentation and business communication.


1. Social and psychological aspects of business communication. Authors: D. Belinskaya, L. Vlasenko, 16 hours.

2. Oratory skills. Authors: S. Mudrak, 16 hours.

3. Active learning strategies. Authors: prof. N. Miloradova, 72 hours.

4. Personnel profiling in the construction industry. Authors: D. Belinskaya, 20 hours.

5. Commercial profiling: lie detection and character determination of the interlocutor. Authors: D. Belinskaya, 16 hours.

6. Online and offline emotional competence. Authors: T. Magera, 16 hours.

7. Adaptation crossfit. Authors: T. Magera, 16 hours.

8. Interpersonal and business communication in a construction company. Authors: M. Leontev, 36 hours.

9. Psychological factors in the creation of artificial social enviroment. Authors: T. Magera, 16 hours.

10. The ability to say "No" to a subordinate as a way to prevent. Authors: D. Belinskaya, 16 hours.

11. Mentoring system at the university. Authors: E. Romanova, 16 hours. In preparation

12. Psychological support for victims in extreme situations. Authors: E. Eliseeva, 16 hours. In preparation

13. Content of educational work with students at the university. Authors: A. Barsukova, 16 hours. In preparation

14. Education of emotional competence. Authors: T. Magera, 16 hours. In preparation