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The University of Warwick – WARWICK

United Kingdom

The University of Warwick is a world-leading campus university, located in Coventry in the centre of the UK. Born out of boldness, imagination and collaboration, it is constantly among the top universities in the UK league tables. The university provides the highest academic and research standards, encouraging students to explore new perspectives, both within and outside of their course.

Role in project

WU participates in the Start Off meeting, all PMB meetings and project conferences, contributes to all the discussion and planning and QA procedures.

WU is the leading partner of EXTEND responsible for WP 4 Quality Plan and is responsible for overall quality management of the project. WU is responsible to ensure the involvement of all consortium partners in quality management  and the delivery of a high standard result. WU is an active participant of WP 3 Develops, organises hosts study visit of international students team.  Also, offers consultations during development of teacher competence descriptors, development of training programs for PhD students and staff, participates in preparation of course book, contributes to piloting with guest lectures in PC universities. WU also contributes to the WP1 Preparation phase including tuning of the monitoring methodology for PC universities and contribution to introduction training seminar. WU also is a part of the WF of WP5 (Dissemination) and WP 6 (Management).

Prof Robin Clark

Robin is the Engineering Education lead for the whole Engineering School with responsibility for the promotion of innovative learning and teaching practice and engineering education research and scholarship now encapsulated in a research centre, As a National Teaching Fellow, Robin has been recognised as one of the top HE learning and teaching practitioners in the UK. He has served a 4 year term on the Governing Board of the global Research in Engineering Education Network (REEN) and a 4 year term as Chair of the SEFI Engineering Education Research Working Group. As a STEM Ambassador, Robin regularly works with schools to encourage young people to engage in meaningful STEM experiences. In 2014 Robin was elected to the Board of Directors of SEFI and in the same year was Chair of the Scientific Committee for the Annual SEFI Conference. Robin is on the editorial board for several of the top Engineering Education journals including EJEE and JPEER

Team members: 
Graeme Knowles

As part of the Warwick team Graeme supports the quality assurance processes within the EXTEND project, gathering and evaluating data on the effectiveness of the project operation as well as the implementation of the EXTEND centres.  In supporting partner Universities Graeme brings expertise in educational models, reflective practice, workplace based learning and authentic learning.

Kathleen Choudhary

Kathleen Choudhary is a Project Administrator and Coordinator at WU and supports the WU administrative side of the EXTEND project.  She focuses on the preparation of the Quality Reports and the organisation of the EXTEND events that take place at WU.